About the Resort

Located near the town of Knjazevac, Stara Planina is the largest mountain in eastern Serbia. This high mountain range of fascinating beauty and unspoiled nature is a natural border with Bulgaria. A one of the most beautiful mountains in our country, Stara Planina has vast potential for the development of tourism. This mountain is a natural resource of extraordinary importance as falls into first category natural resources.

This belle is covered in snow for almost five months a year. Being between 1,100 and 1,900m high, it has excellent potential for the construction of long alpine skiing runs.

Babin Zub, situated at an elevation of 1,758m, is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Stara Planina. The striking rocks of Babin Zub end to the southeast of Midzor (2,169m high), the highest peak of Stara Planina and Serbia. Babin Zub is a protected natural reserve.

Babin Zub ski resort comprises runs in the following locations: Konjarnik, Suncana Dolina, and Markova Livada. Babin Zub ski resort has a four seater chairlift Konjarnik with a loading conveyor belt and a capacity of 1,400 skiers per hour, and a T-bar ski lift Suncana Dolina, with a capacity of 1,200 skiers per hour, as well as Markova Livada kindergarten with a magic carpet.

Jabucko Raviste has the first gondola lift in Serbia. The eight seater gondola takes skiers from the hotel further to the chairlifts and runs. This part of the resort also has a four seater chairlift, and a ski lift, so that it is also connected with the part of the resort in Babin Zub. More than 13km of excellent runs, with various levels of difficulty, are prepared for skiers of all categories. Apart from that, in Stara Planina ski resort, we have an artificial snowing system, so that, in case there is not enough natural snow, the visitors can enjoy winter sports.

This is only the beginning of the development of this ski resort in Stara Planina. With the development of new chairlifts and runs, accommodation facilities and other infrastructure, Stara Planina will soon become one of the most important ski resorts in Serbia, especially intended for those who love ski sports and good quality skiing in an environment of immense beauty and unspoiled nature.