Ski centar Kopaonik

Ski run code of conduct

1 Respect for others

Users of ski runs must behave in such a manner that they do not impose danger or damage to others with their conduct or their equipment.


2 Speed and behavior control

Each ski run user must adapt their speed and behavior to their own abilities, as well as general conditions on the runs and weather conditions, the state of the snow, and traffic density. If a skier skies or snowboards at a run that is not appropriate for his skiing skills, they are doing so at their own risk.


3 Selection of direction by the one on higher position

The ski run user who is on a higher position is able to chose the direction and must do so in the manner that will be safe for all the persons below, that is, in front of him/her. Due to the specific manner of snowboarding and reduced angle of visibility, boarders must check the space to their left and to their right whenever changing direction.


4 Overtaking

Overtaking can be done from the right or from the left, but must always be done in the manner which allows the skier to predict the direction of the person they are overtaking.


5 At intersections and starting positions

After stops or at intersections, each user must make sure that they can start without imposing danger to themselves or others by looking up and down.


6 Stopping

Each user must avoid stopping at narrow passages with poor visibility, and in case he/she falls, must leave the run as soon as possible.


7 Climbing and coming down on foot

Those forced to climb or come down the run on foot must use the border of the run and take care that neither they nor their equipment imposes danger to others.


8 Respecting information, markings and signals

A user must pay attention to information, weather conditions, the condition of the runs and snow. Also, they must respect markings and signals on the runs.


9 Help

 Each person witnessing an accident or being involved in an accident must help by giving alarm signal. In case of necessity, and upon the lifeguard’s request, the witness or the person being involved must be at his/her disposal.


10 Identification

Each person witnessing an accident or being involved in one must inform rescue services of their identity.


11 Snowmobile

It is strictly forbidden to use snowmobiles in the runs except for official purposes.


12 Using helmets

Children under 12 must use a helmet, and it is recommended that other skiers and snowboarders use them as well.


13  Skiing outside the ski slopes and on uncultivated terrains is at your own risk and will result in annulling the ski pass.


14  Basic FIS rules and signals on ski runs applicable to skiers, are also applicable to snowboarders.


15 A user of the ski resort must not use the runs if under influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or a psychoactive medication, that is substances that adversely affect their abilities.

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